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Ultimate Guide on How to Survive the Full Moon Party 2024 in Koh Phangan Thailand

I'm always excited when I talk about the Full Moon Party in the gulf of Thailand. Indeed this island is infamous for the wild and extravagant dusk-to-down Party by the shore of Haad Rin beach. But let's just forget about the exaggerated media because it's now time to renew your passport and book a flight to join the action.

ultimate guide to fullmoon party koh phangan thailand by pisan zapra journey
ultimate guide to fullmoon party koh phangan thailand by pisan zapra journey

Tucked away from the mainland of Thailand, back to its roots, the FullMoon party of Koh Phangan is nowhere near your average Southeast Asian nightlife scene. This is for a serious raver, a serious all-night dance mover, along with an extra flamboyant fluorescent bodywork by the ultraviolet shines. With the new 420 rules in Thailand, things just get a little bit extra spicy.

ultimate guide to fullmoon party koh phangan thailand by pisan zapra journey
Cheap bucket drinks Fullmoon Party Koh Phangan

But what's behind the real deal of the FMP? Well, Minus the party poppers like you and me, there were tremendous red flags about it. It was once a great party story over the internet that turned sour for some partygoers when they realized that they had put so many expectations on the ground. Like any other night rave, it is you making the night lit, your job to get some fun, and your wild spirits make it shake, shake!

Trying to plan ahead for FMP 2023? There will be 13 Full Moon Parties, plus New Year’s Eve. Prepare for a great party year. The full moon party dates for 2023 have been announced, but beware of date changes.

Friday, January 6

​Friday, May 4

​Thursday, August 31

​Wednesday, December 27

Sunday, February 5

​Sunday, June 4

​Friday, September 29

​Sunday, December 31

​Tuesday, March 7

​Sunday, July 2

​Monday, October 30

​Wednesday, April 5

​Thursday, August 3

​Monday, October 30

Where to stay in Koh Phangan during Fullmoon Party?

Most people want to stay in Haadrin beach, where the FMP is. This is okay if you only come to the island to attend the party. However, remember that the beach could be dirty as parties happen here almost every day. There are more pristine and less crowded beaches around the island if you are eager to explore.

As for me, I like to stay near the Thongsala area because it's near the local town and my favourite Phantip night market. I could just walk to any 7-Eleven or Family mart if I needed something. Around the little town, I could easily access many parts of the island with many rental shops and services. Not to forget, this area is very near Raja Ferry's jetty.

Hostels and private rooms are my first choice if I'm travelling solo. Because over there you could have higher chances of meeting like-minded travellers and exploring the island together. After all, cost sharing is also the most effective way to stretch your budget.

List of my go-to Hostels for pre-FMP sesh!

  • Bodega Party Hostels - Fabulous

  • Echo Beach Hostel - Very Good

  • Phangan Arena - Very Good

  • The Nomad House - Fabulous

  • WET! a Pool Party Hostel by Wild & Wandering - Very Good

  • Jungle Vibes Hostel - Superb

Check out the best deals on Hostel World.


So here we go; time to crack down on some tips and tricks for the FMP this year. Oh! btw, FMP stands for Full Moon Party, just in case you are wondering. 😛

Number 1

Do not come early to the Fullmoon Party

Do worry about it. Like Shakira says, "the party don't start till I walk in". Remember, this Party is from 3.00 pm to 6.00 am. Unless you want to head out and leave the scenes before midnight, you can be an early bird.

ultimate guide to fullmoon party koh phangan thailand by pisan zapra journey
Fullmoon party crowd koh phangan Thailand

Large crowds build up only after 10.00 pm and reach their peak right away when Cinderella runs towards her pumpkin coach at 12.00 am. The best thing to do beforehand is to charge some extra energy (trust me, you definitely need it) and do a power nap. If you are a natural night owl, just do a cheat session in party hostels around the island or even have a local dinner with newly met friends. Time to make some toast!

Number 2

Slow Down your Intoxication

You've got the whole night to cure your thirst with a bottomless bucket of poison. Endless amount of beach shacks selling cheap vodka and rum, let alone the smattering amount of weed sellers jumping on the bandwagon. Yes, you read it right! The use of weed for recreational purposes is already legal in Thailand.

ultimate guide to fullmoon party koh phangan thailand by pisan zapra journey
an alley to fullmoon party koh phangan

Why rush it if you can do it slowly? Remember, the goal here is to stay awake and sane as long as you can. The night is long. No matter what you do, always stay extra alert, especially in a bigger crowd. Hold on to your guts!

Number 3

Show your True colours!

Ahh! Don't be shy. Prior to the night of FMP, clothing stores around Baan Tai and Haadrin will be super busy with people buying the FMP shirts and party outfits.

 Top and shirts  and outfit Fullmoon party koh phangan thailand by pisan zapra journey

But if you refuse to add extra weight to your backpack, just wear the fanciest and brightest outfit you have. Be sure to do some body painting before heading out. Some party hostels do it for free if you order something from their bar. Plus transportation to the Party is also covered if you are coming with them.

ultimate guide to fullmoon party koh phangan thailand by pisan zapra journey
Body painting Fullmoon party Koh Phangan

Go wild with the fluorescent painting, write all the silly messages on your bare skin, and unleash your art skills. Let the ultraviolet lights be the judge for you.

Number 4

You move your grooves.

Different bars and DJ booths will be stretching out on Haadrin beach, welcoming all partygoers full-blasting their unlimited music selections.

Each section will play on different genres and vibes, from reggae to the neo EDM to psychedelic and the beats of the early millennium. Don't stay for too long in one section. Move around and find your perfect vibe.

Drop in bar haadrin beach full moon party guide by pisan zapra journey
Bars on Haadrin Beach Koh Phangan

The best party scene is seen in famous bars such as Cactus and Drop in Bar. Want to feel higher as high as the empire state? Hop into the DJ section, usually sitting on top of the bar. You can witness the whole FMP scene right next to turntablism from this area.

Number 5

Take it easy. Gulp it slow

I know you are so excited to take the first Thai-style FMP of your lifetime. As I mentioned, the night is long; take it slow, and conserve your energy. Your favourite songs could play nonstop by the DJ, but that doesn't mean you should unleash all your willpower in one go. Slip it slowly, let yourself bind, and become one with the night scene. Blend in with the crowds and enjoy the Party to the fullest because the moon is truly yours on this night!

Sleeping area Fullmoon party Koh Phangan Guide by pisan zapra journey
Sleeping area Fullmoon Party Koh Phangan

In case you need to recharge your energy, there will be a dedicated sleeping area. Do not lie down randomly on the beach as there will be chances people accidentally step on you or even snatch your personal belongings. If you feel sick because of the doggy boost, seek help from the people around the tent.

Number 6

Make Some Friends

ultimate guide fullmoon party koh phangan thailand by pisan zapra journey
Amazing crowds at Fullmoon Party Koh Phangan

Partying with new friends from around the globe is the best thing to do during FMP. Relax, no one is there to judge you, nobody knows your personal life back home, just be yourself! If you are a solo backpacker, head to the party hostel and do a warming-up session. Most party hostels gather people from nearby areas to do pre-party activities. You will probably make more friends even before you know it.

Number 7

Pack your Party Essentials

Personally, I like to bring a banana. I mean a fenny bag, of course! The mini sling bag where I can store almost everything inside it. Plus, I feel safer when I strap it around my chest instead of putting my personal belongings, such as phones, room keys, money, and bike key, inside my shallow pocket. I will lose everything the minute I start dancing in the crowds.

If you are a smoker, bring an extra lighter. Try not to bring bigger notes instead, bring small change for the small purchases you'll make on the beach. Bring your meds if you need to, like inhalers or plasters. Putting a piece of paper with details such as your accommodation name and your Thai number could help in case you misplaced your banana, it doesn't guarantee you to get it back as a whole, but at least you can still hope for the miracle to happen.

Number 8

Skip the Famous Fire Jump. JK!

I will repeat this again 😛. Now it sounds like a joy killer. Jumping over an ignited rope is not a good idea when you can't even work on your balance. Having fun does not mean letting all of your guts down the drain. If you find this super obligatory Instagram-able, by all means, do it before you get drunk, where your alertness is still high.

Rope jumping full moon party koh phangan  thailand guide by pisan zapra journey
Rope jumping on fire

Spoiler alert! There were cases where a few jumpers suffered from minor burns after a sketchy performance. Not just the rope-jumping; you better not try to impress anyone by climbing over the giant FMP structure while it sets on fire. Your insurance company wont be happy knowing all the "extras" you did during the FMP. Plus, it sucks dragging your first-degree burning skins on a moped. Arghh.. sounds painful.

Number 9

Leave your fancy gadgets and passports.

There will be more than 20k human beings on the same beach, Pheww!. Before the pandemic, it reached 40k super crowds. What a night! Brushing shoulder-to-shoulder dancing through the night sound so much fun, except for the amount of armpit sweat rubbing your exposed skin. Bringing expensive camera gear to FMP is a bad idea when you know you will be partying hard. But if you must, taking a GoPro won't hurt that much.

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Survive the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan Thailand by pisan zapra journey

Talking about passports, if you rent any bike on the island, usually the rental shop will "safekeeping" it. Bring an extra copy just in case you need it. Don't bring your original passport to FMP, especially if you leave the island the following day. Losing a passport in a foreign country is a pain in the arse. The beauty of travel where things always happen for no apparent reason.

Number 10

Do not Swim in the Ocean.

For all the gentlemen, the ocean is an open toilet, allowing free access without paying for a dirty 20-baht communal area- if you don't mind swinging your dong on the beach. What a nice way to fulfil your wild fetish by bathing in thousands of man's golden showers. Ewww! Sounds fun, right?

That is not necessarily true. You avoid swimming in the sea mainly because of the many broken beer bottles are thrown into the sea during the FMP. Jellyfish stings could also be added to that caution list.

Number 11

Avoid early morning boat rides.

When the FMP is approaching dawn, a bunch of partygoers will leave the scene by long-tail boat heading towards the nearby island like Koh Tao and Koh Samui. Some will return to Donsak pier to catch the earliest ferry and flight in the morning. This could be the worst decision of your backpacking experience, as your body is already exhausted from dancing and raving the whole night.

If you must do,

Watch for strong currents and over-capacity passengers when hopping in the long-tail boat. Some operators will neglect some safety reasons to pile up extra money. Your senses are not as sharp as usual, especially when intoxicated.

Number 12

Don't miss out on the After Party.

This point may contradict point 11 because some of the after Party will need you to take a boat ride to a secret beach, away from the FMP crowds. Eden Garden is a local favourite that guarantees a good time in a secluded part of the island.

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Survive the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan Thailand by pisan zapra journey
Eden Garden Koh Phangan

The vibe of Eden garden is not something to be missed. The After Party is a serious business here, and all the participants shall take it very seriously. They discourage taking pictures or videos to allow everyone to enjoy themselves without feeling uncomfortable being recorded by strangers. Get ready to immerse yourself into the hippie vibe of the island.

Get ready for another psychedelic experience of Koh Phangan.

How to go to Eden garden from Haadrin

You can only get to the Eden Garden Party by catching a boat from Haad Rin beach to Haad Yuan. If you have the time, we recommend spending a few days on Haad Yuan beach, as it’s a very cool place to chill out indeed.

Once disembark from the boat, watch your steps when up to the Eden Bar. The walkway is can be dangerous, and there have been several bad accidents here in recent years. When you are drunk or tripping, do not leave the bar area to explore and wonder. The rocks surrounding the bar are slippery and home to snakes.

Number 13

The Art of a Lazy Day

As the old saying goes, party hard and rest harder.

You will be surprised how quiet the island is the next day after FMP. The apocalypse vibe is undoubtedly something I enjoyed very much because you don't always get to see such empty roads in Koh Phangan. I can even walk on the street without worrying about being run over by incompetent seasonal bike drivers. No Farang moping around shirtless or even mischievous moped drivers.

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Survive the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan Thailand by pisan zapra journey
Bottle Beach Koh Phangan view from the jungle entrance

Everything is just completely standing still and chill. I wonder if this is the original vibe of the island back in the 80s before the so-called full moon started. After resting for a few hours, I will head to my favourite cafe, Luna, and order the grilled pumpkin for brunch. My lazy day was getting more upgrades on the beach where I could pretend to read a book or just chill listening to my travel playlist. In the afternoon, it's time for sauna hunting, which leads us to the next point.

Number 14

Detox your way!

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Survive the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan Thailand

What a way to feel good after a long night. Trust me, your body will thank you if you include this in your itinerary. Around the island, there are many detox hubs, but one of my personal favourites is the herbs wet sauna. It is prepared by the local community with a twist of local herbs and healing plants. The vapour is then channelled into a chamber connected to the sauna room through a boiling process. You will sweat out the bad vibes from the last night's scene, leaving you with a fresh and rejuvenated body.

Close the session with a therapeutic Thai massage and ginger lemon grass tea. What a perfect way to end the day!


Well, all my fellow globetrotters.
It is time to book your ferry ticket to Koh Phangan and experience the back to the roots Full Moon Party by yourself! Party hard and stay safe, lovely people. See you on the other side.

A few extras won't hurt!

  • Never book your accommodation on the spot during the FMP. The prices will go crazy as some hotels or hostels could also be fully booked. The wiser decision is to book your accommodation a few days in advance and stay for a few days.

  • Coming back from the party early? Make sure to nego the price before jumping into the tuk-tuk and tell the driver your hostel or hotel area. Go with a group of people, so they can watch over you in case something happens on the journey. Never argue with the driver, just walk away if you disagree with the price.

  • Never drink from a stranger's tap except if it is an unopen bottle. People from the dancing area could be so friendly and goofy, but that doesn't mean you know what's inside their drinks. I remember a friend passing out right after she sipped from someone's bucket, which reminds me of the reason why the night ended early for her.

  • How much money to bring to FMP? I would say bring less than 50usd or 2000 Baht which should be enough to cover your drinks, food, transportation, entrance fee, body paintings and random stuff you buy in Haadrin. Avoid bringing too much cash, as the chances of losing them are far greater than you think. As for now, the entrance fee is 200 baht for an FMP official bracelet, paid at the entrance.

  • Thinking of staying in Haadrin during FMP? FYI, during the Full moon party, prices for accommodation in Haad Rin are higher than in other parts of the island, plus Haadrin is also quite far away from everything else. Other than that, you are in the perfect spot to enjoy your very own FMP.


It is worth reminding that in the days before the Full Moon Party, the prices for accommodation in Koh Phangan tripled. If you visit the island during the low season, you can find bungalows by the sea for as little as 350 Baht (10 US$) per day.

Lastly, drink plenty of water, and if you feel sick after the long night, visit the nearest clinic or hospital if you need treatment. The island has international standard health facilities for foreigners' medical needs.

The island has so much to offer, and you will be surprised by its long list of wonders that are waiting to be explored.

Here is the link to more adventures in Koh Phangan.

Khop Khun khap for reading



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