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Guide to GOA, Hippie That Always Happy, 10 Things To Do In Arambol India

Hippie in Goa, Anjuna Beach, Arambol  Hippie Full moon Party 1983 Goa, Pisan Zapra Journey, 10 Things to do in Arambol
Photo by Francois Villaret, Hippie Full moon Party 1983 Goa

Embracing the Hippie trails

GOA Hippie Beach That Always Happy

I first heard about Goa when I visited one of the hippest beaches in Thailand. It was an unexpected beach day on the laid-back side of the infamous Full Moon Party fairyland.

While looking for a place to ensconce myself, the area next to my standing intrigued me. Little did I know it was rightfully next door to a nudist beach, and there you go, my wanderlust spirits had tickled. Nude beach in Thailand? Really? Je ne sais quoi, I'm already sold!


Read the Full Moon Party Koh Phangan guide here.


An hour before sunset, the beach turns busy, with many beachgoers dressed in hippie-like outfits swarming around a circle. Affably they started chit-chatting about random stuff and sharing some incredible life stories between them. That was the moment when a man in a crusty dreadlock uttered the word GOA, and I heard it several times in a story sequence.

Photo by Jacques Lastry 1980s Goa

While enjoying the hypnotic rhythm of the drum circle, some extroverts were instantly immersed in the idyllic vibes followed by spontaneous hand movements up in the air. Like a blooming flower embracing its petals, everybody rose in a full-blown ardent dance floor that suddenly emerged from the bare sandy bottom. Through the eloquent dance, they engrossed in self-expressive moves, calling for a sunset celebration.

Hippie Beach in Koh Phangan

Not too far away, a few bohemian-looking performers were busy juggling ignited fireballs along with creative dances balancing multiple illuminated hula hoops, facing the epic sunset backdrop. Suddenly, it wasn't just a random performance, but an exquisite routine tuned perfectly into the rhythm.

The one-hour ecstatic session was beautifully weird and wacky in so many ways, and I'm absolutely falling in love with it every minute. The next day I returned for another sunset ritual.


If you haven't heard of GOA before, you are not alone at all. I also experienced trouble recalling it on the map. Well, my geography is not that good, anyway. Fortunately, my Google assistant has always been helpful in unraveling that path for me. Cheers to "hey, google."

Watch my Goa Video

Coming to see Goa means a big round of backpacking plans to travel in India. What a futile way to travel that far, if it was just for Goa.

It is time to play tourist in India.

I had a massive 40 hours bus trip from Jodhpur to Goa. Initially, I wanted to take the train. Not so lucky for me, all trains to Goa fully booked because of the year-end holiday. It was a crazy journey, long hours without a proper Rest and Recharge station. But everything paid off when I saw the psychedelic beach in Arambol.

Assume you choose to take a bus from Mumbai to Goa. I recommend you to take a night sleeper bus, pack a little food and water, and motion sickness pill if you need it. (the road to Goa can be a roller coaster nightmare at some point)


Arambol Beach, What Is It About

A kaleidoscopic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, seafood, susegad, and spirituality, Goa is India's pocket-sized paradise.

Not just a hub for psytrance dance and techno, Goa is also famous for alternative music for different souls. Every night a bunch of hippies and locals come together, huddle in circles playing unplugged instruments overflowing the rhythm of freedom in Arambol, unleashing the spirits of hippies flowing through every beat of the drum.

Hippie in Goa, Anjuna Beach, Arambol, travel india, Backpacking Pisan Zapra Journey, 10 Things to do in Arambol

While enjoying the sunset disappearing into the horizon, the hippie flea market will open every evening for visitors on the beach. It was a unique experience to see travelers from all over the world unfolding beach towels selling handcrafts on top of it, and everyone haggles for the best price for almost everything.

When the sun sets and dusk takes place, Fire dance is a common thing in Arambol. The dancer usually appears from nowhere with a fireball lit in both hands, capturing the eyes who admire the burning sensations. Not very far from the hippie tribe, unplug instruments, alternative music making its way, pushing the vibe even higher, as it says the night in Goa has just begun.

Best Time to Visit Arambol Beach

The best time to visit Arambol beach is between November and March. During this time, the beach receives a maximum number of international tourists as the weather is enjoyable.


10 Things To Do In Arambol

1. Go to the Hippie Market

Every evening on Arambol beach will get busy with various activities. It seems like the day begins after sunset on this part of GOA. A stone throws away from the Love Temple retreat (one of the best places to stay). Some hippies are busy selling beautiful ornaments, antique brass with an intricate design, and many unique kinds of stuff. Anything you can find on the beach right on top of a rectangular sarong and mat. This is definitely one of the major attractions in Arambol, and your visit is not complete without exploring this area.

Hippie market in Arambol Beach during sunset, Hippie in Goa, Anjuna Beach, Arambol, travel india, Backpacking Pisan Zapra Journey, 10 Things to do in Arambol
Photo by Mazzzur on Getty Images

From the refined taste of kombucha, fate reading astrologist, handmade ornaments, and alternative therapies are some of many things offered in the hippies' market. You won't realize how big is the nomad traveler community in Goa until you see them selling something on the beach to sustain their minimalist lifestyles.

While watching the sunset and listening to the sound of the drum circle, it's time to work on your negotiation skills. The trick is to try your best to bargain before you buy; you'll be surprised to know how friendly they are in dealing with such requests. As much as you like cheap good stuff, remember not to over bargain, be fair. After all, we know that the amount of money you chip in will surely help the hippie community thriving and travel longer.

2. Enjoy the Epic Sunset and Unleash your Hippieness

Drum circle in Arambol, Hippie in Goa, Anjuna Beach, Arambol, travel india, Backpacking Pisan Zapra Journey, 10 Things to do in Arambol

What's a better way to end the beach day than celebrating it with delightful music. Pull some of your ecstatic moves, make it like you own the sandy stage. Close to the Hippie market, a drum circle tradition been thrumming for the sunset celebration. Marking the beginning of every evening in Arambol. This session will last around two hours until the orange glow fades over the horizon, leaving the dark blue hue in the sky.

Don't just watch from far, gather around the circle. Get ready to lose yourself and follow the beat of the drum. If you feel a little timid, drag yourself into a larger group of people for backup dancers. Be beautiful and silly!

3. Loves in the Air at Love Temple

Love Temple is a home for all seekers, yogis, meditators, and all friends & lovers who want to grow and transform while still enjoying their vacations. There is an excellent balance of spirituality and celebration at this lovey-dovey place. Freedom and expression are in the very air. You can dance, meditate, party and make friends with people from all over the world. Just being at the Love Temple makes you feel so carefree, comfortable, and ecstatic that it gives you a feeling of being uplifted.

Love Temple is situated at Arambol beach, and it is very close to the drum circle. The beachfront restaurant offers a vegetarian, healthy, and delightful food selection. Just imagine having your favorite meal sitting in this love- paradise, enjoying fresh breezes, looking at the sunset. What a way to end the day!

P/s Love Temple also offers Tantra, learn more about spiritual sexuality.

4. Night Market In Arpora

Arpora Night Market Goa, Arambol, Hippie in Goa, Anjuna Beach, Arambol, travel india, Backpacking Pisan Zapra Journey, 10 Things to do in Arambol

The Arpora Saturday Night Flea Market is a shopper's delight, a great place to shop and eat that offers a bit of something to cater to everyone's palates. You can find many things here, including clothes, leather shoes, local and international meals, spices, rugs, decoration items, and whatnot.

A mini party on its own, the Saturday Night Flea Market on Arpora Hill between Baga and Anjuna is a complete mix of live music, food, bars, restaurant stalls of different cuisines, and a popular nightlife spot in Goa.

I bought two beautiful handmade rings here, less than 5 USD each, one silly pattern pants, and a recycled paper mini leather book with a stone carved on the page cover.

5. Alternative Live Music After Dinner

Arambol is all about good vibes with endless choices of music. What else could you expect after a comforting dinner? Other than good alternative folk music, a mixed fusion of electric and classical instruments.

Live music in Arambol Goa, hippie vibe, Hippie in Goa, Anjuna Beach, Arambol, travel india, Backpacking Pisan Zapra Journey, 10 Things to do in Arambol
Picture by Massive Vibe Live

Having the same vibe as the drum circle during the sunset event, this place offers a wide range of music played by talented artists from all over the world. The last time I was there, a super creative guy from France had spun the night with various Indian fusion music mixed with ritualized sounds of distinctive tribes. One week in Arambol was not enough to enjoy the magical sound of alternative music. It was such an amazing place to hang out after dinner and definitely shouldn't be missed if you plan to visit Goa.

6. Everyday Beach Day

Baga beach, Panaji , Goa, India, Hippie in Goa, Anjuna Beach, Arambol, travel india, Backpacking Pisan Zapra Journey, 10 Things to do in Arambol
Photo by Sarang Pande on Unsplash

Arambol has the option either to partake in activities or doing nothing and relaxing by the beach. Just lying on the sun-bed, watching the waves, enjoying the very refreshing breeze, relaxing and invigorating experience so that it can be a place where you feel inner peace and connect with yourself.

Order a seafood platter from any beach shacks and eat all the fresh seafood you can find on the menu. If you can make up your mind, go for Fish Thali, a signature food from Goa.

7. Explore Ecstatic Dance at The Source Arambol

Dance like nobody else around you, be raw and expressive. Enjoy every beat of the music like never before, a pulse of magic. If you have never experienced any ecstatic dance, The Source Arambol is the perfect place to begin with. The energy of this place is so intense, pulling people to come back for more every time.

Ecstatic dance is a form of dance in which dancers, sometimes without having to follow specific steps, leave themselves on the rhythm and move freely as the music carries it, leading to trance and feelings of ecstasy.

Be sure to follow some general guidelines: No alcohol but pure bliss, you can carry a bottle of water and refill as much as you need at the water station provided. You are encouraged to wear loose and comfortable clothing, and you should dance barefoot. No phone documenting or anything as you wouldn't want to capture some ugly moves for random people and post it over the internet. It's a big no!

8. Visit The Sweet Water Lake

Arambol beach is also famous for its lagoon or sweet water lake located at the very end of the nearby beach, Kalacha. It can only be reached by foot, and the shallow waters are very calm for swimming. The sand here is also known to have healing properties.

Hippie in Goa, Anjuna Beach, Arambol, travel india, Backpacking Pisan Zapra Journey, 10 Things to do in Arambol

The soft white sands and pristine waters give the tourists a tropical feel and are ideal for sunbathing. The main part of Arambol beach is the long curved sand that serves as the perfect place to swim. If adventure is your thing, then a small hill near the beach also offers paragliding and dolphin watching boat trips.

9. Up your Party Game with Goa's Signature Psytrance

Goa trance is an electronic music style that originated during the late 1980s in Goa, India. It often has funky, drone-like basslines, similar to the techno minimalism of 21st-century psychedelic trance. The music has its roots in Goa's popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a hippie capital. By 1990, Goa had become a hot destination for partying and was no longer under the radar.

Psychedelic trance in Goa, Hilltop Vegator Beach, Night life in Goa, 10 things to do in Goa, Pisan Zapra Journey
Photo by Vyacheslav Argenberg on Getty Images

Up your party game with the trendy psytrance rave in Goa. Pack with luminescence painting, weird-looking decorations, throbbing lights, massive loud and addictive music, this is the rave in its very own style. You are never too young or old for some upbeat music.

10. Enjoy the Trendy Silent Noise Parties

While most of Goa's nightlife was loud and happening, this is something you may never have experienced before, something different that has become a popular trend. Every Saturday night, near Palolem Beach, a party is held known as Silent Noise. Here, most foreigners and youngsters gather around, plug into the headphones, and listen to different music genres like trance, hard rock, pop music, and more while grooving on the dance floor.

Psychedelic trance in Goa, Silent Noise Party Goa,  Night life in Goa, 10 things to do in Goa, Pisan Zapra Journey
Photo by

Famous among foreigners, the Silent Noise party is a popular concept abroad and has quickly seeped into Goa's party scene. Places like Laughing Buddha on Palolem beach are a great place to watch the Silent Voice Festival. Dance to your favorite EDM or pop tracks or watch others getting high on music.


Explore other beaches in Goa

As much as I like Arambol and its amazing vibe, traveling in Goa won't be complete without exploring other famous beaches nearby. Renting a bike is one of the best ways to move around. If you are on a tight budget, try to avoid taking taxis, as most of them don't provide meters, and the price will unbelievably skyrocket, especially during the festive season. Beware of scammers during this busy time.

Few beaches that are worth exploring in Goa.

Beaches to Visit in Goa, anjuna, baga, calangute, vegator, v Night life in Goa, 10 things to do in Goa, Pisan Zapra Journey
Photo by alexey turenkov on Unsplash

Baga Beach

Anjuna Beach

Calangute Beach

Candolim Beach

Palolem Beach

Vagator Beach


What Else?

Chai but not Chai, thanks!

If you are expecting the milky spicey delicious tea as you had in Rajasthan, better not to put that expectation high, your palate will scream craving for the real Chai aster that. Why not help yourself to order some coconut water. After all, Goa is a beach paradise, your beloved Chai won't work that magic here.

Puff and more Puff and....

In certain parts of India, consuming weed or opium for rituals and ceremonies has been quite a practice since the beginning of civilization. But in modern India, drugs are banned for recreational use with hefty fines when apprehended. As a party haven of India, it's no surprise that Goa has a shady supply of typical party drugs for raves and festivals. Stay safe out there!

Not the Typical Dry City

Goa is not a typical Indian state. The dry season has been out of sight for many years now, so cheers to alcohol that is readily available for tourists and locals. If you fly to India for the first time, you will understand how strict alcohol law is in this country. Even when you eat at a certain restaurant, they have to pour it in glasses to camouflage the drinks. As a tourist, you are required to fill up a specific form together with a passport copy to buy this controlled commodity. Expect a limited number of bottles each time but enough to cure demanding sober. What a tedious process that eventually will make you prefer Chai instead.

The Modern Goa, Russian and Israeli travelers

In general, Goa is a very famous vacation destination for many locals. Those who can't afford to travel abroad will prefer to visit this place frequently. It's safe to say that Goa is the international melting pot of India, as locals and foreigners coexist amicably here. For many years Goa has been a safe destination for Russian and Israeli travelers, pulling many of these two nationals flooding the land. You can even find a menu in Russian and Israeli characters in certain beach areas.

Before The end...

Besides A hub for the study of yoga, meditation, and alternative therapies, lively Arambol is also popular with backpackers and bohemian travelers. It's worth a visit. Goa is a must pitstop in India.

Arambol beach is quite a sight, mostly frequented by foreign tourists with very hip culture, but that doesn't mean it's not family-friendly. Before I end this post, I would like to make a special note to @hippieinheelsblog.

10 things to do in Goa, Pisan Zapra Journey

Dear Racheal,

Because of you, I dropped Goa in my bucket list 4 years ago, I have learned so many things from your blog, and last year I finally made it through. The journey in Goa was rather beautiful and emotional. I do understand now why this place has a special spot in your heart. I experienced a strong connection with you when I was in Goa. It was like you were there to show me the best part of it. Rest in Peace, Racheal. You'll always be missed.

GOA will always be in love with you!



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